The brilliant reversal indicator for mt4 is a non-repaint trend reversal indicator. It highlights potential trend reversal zones of the price.

The Brilliant Reversal indicator for MetaTrader is a forex technical trading tool that analyzes historical price data to determine a potential trend reversal zone of an asset. The indicator’s algorithms continually relate the current market conditions with past price data to identify the optimal turning point.

brilliant reversals indicator

How do you predict market reversals?

A market reversal is often signaled by successive weak candlesticks, the price at support/resistance zones, and double top/bottoms, to mention but a few.  Moreover, since the financial market is dynamic, there is no surefire way to accurately predict market reversals.

However, the Brilliant Reversal indicator is a great tool when it comes to predicting the possible trend reversal of an asset. It predicts trend reversals with some degree of accuracy. It comes with a green/red signal dot that indicates a potential bullish/bearish trend reversal, respectively. Besides, the indicator’s signals do not repaint.

It is an easy-to-use tool, which makes it suitable for a novice and intermediate forex trader to easily identify potential trend reversal zones. Moreover, the indicator would also make technical analysis less of a hassle for advanced traders.

How do you predict market reversals?

The above screenshot depicts how the indicator would look on your MT4 chart. It shows the bullish and bearish reversal signals and buy/sell trade entries. The bullish/bearish engulfing candlesticks patterns are the confluences that trigger the buy/sell entries.

To open a buy trade, for instance, you need to wait for the indicator to paint a bullish (green dot) trend reversal signal, which depicts a possible change to a bullish trend. You may then open a buy/long position after price action also prints a bullish engulfing candlestick pattern, pin bar, etc.


The Brilliant Reversal Indicator for MT4 is a non-repaint trend reversal indicator that highlights the potential reversal zones of the price. Furthermore, it is also recommended for different trading styles like scalping, day/intraday, and swing trading.  Finally, it is free to download.